Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich

Ipswich is the country’s best-preserved Puritan town, and its residents have been the proud custodians of its history. Many people trace their roots back through several generations to Ipswich, one of the earliest towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Image: Departure of a Puritan family for New England, 1856 by Charles Cope

Land grants, homes and gravestones of the settlers of Ipswich

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English origins of the Great Migration
English origins of the Great Migration

Ipswich Genealogy Resources

Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich

Partial list, arranged alphabetically

14 thoughts on “Settlers and early inhabitants of Ipswich”

  1. This is a fantastic resource. Many many thanks. I found a number of families that my ancestors married into on your list. However, I did notice one family missing from your list that I hope you will add — descendants of John Parish. Their book and genealogy is entitled ” New England Parish families ” by Roswell Parish. I am one of their direct descendants. . Thanks “Sam”

  2. Thanks, I added links at

    John Parish first appears at Braintree, MA in 1664 and soon afterwards is in Mendon, MA. In 1685 he married his second wife, Mary Wattell of Chelmsford, MA. They moved from Mendon to Chebacco Parish in Ipswich (now the town of Essex) after the Indian attacks of 1691-2. In Ipswich, four children were born to them: Sarah born 1692, William born 1694, Isaac born 1697 and Rachell born 1699. Prom Ipswich they removed to Connecticut, where, on 15 Nov. 1704, John Parish and Mary his wife were admitted to the first church of Preston by letter from the Ipswich church. Here he died in 1715.

  3. Hi Gordon, I LOVE and appreciate all of time and research you put into Historic Ipswich. I’m looking for info on Peter Lurvey “removed from Ipswich to Gloucester” apx. 1704.

      1. Thank you, Gordon! I had apx half of the info you sent along, but filled in a lot of gaps with the rest 🙂 Got any idea how we might learn where Peter came from to land in Ipswich, and when? We’re kind of stuck. Any help is appreciated.

  4. I expected to see the families of Moses Cox and Humphrey Wise here.They are related to others here, like the Perkins family.

    1. Who is Moses Cox? I have a Sarah Cox (m. Arthur Cary) who doesn’t have a documented father and she lived in Ipswich and Boxford.

  5. Looking for info on ChRistopher Bowles,Boulds,Boils died Ipswich 1731 Married Elizabeth Stanley of Topsfield 1682.One,daughter Ruth.Buried Old Cemetery Ipswich,High St.

  6. I am looking for any information you might have on Danial Bradley who arrived on the Elizabeth in 1636? Greatly appreciate any help you can give me,

  7. Hello I am looking for information on Peter Freeman b 1726 died between 1761-1778 married Jane Freeman May 11 1751 he was a slave in Ipswich there are a lot of Peter Freeman’s, he fought in the Revolutionary war his son was John Freeman who lived in Bath Maine b 1835-37 Peter would be my 6th great grandfather.I know there may not be much to add but if anyone has more information I’d love to know more Thanks Lisa

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