104 Essex Rd., Ipswich MA

104 Essex Rd., the Joseph and Abigail Marshall farm (1869)

Thomas Franklin Waters wrote that a section of the early Argilla Farm of Samuel Symonds was owned by John Choate and his heirs, and later by Nathaniel Kinsman and his heirs.”

Nathaniel Kinsman, son of Aaron and Hannah, was, born in Ipswich, Oct. 17, 1795; he married Joanna Brown, Dec. 16, 1828. She was born in Ipswich, April 12, 1798, the daughter of Tristram and Joanna (Baker) Brown, and died July 28, 1832. He resided in Ipswich, and died July 18, 1864. Joseph Marshall of Marblehead (1830-1915) married Abigail Kinsman (1831-1911), the daughter of Nathaniel Kinsman, who inherited part of the Kinsman farm.

104 Essex Rd., Ipswich

Joanna Kinsman, daughter of Nathaniel, sold her half interest to Joseph Marshall and Abby, sister of Joanna, April 5, 1866 (874: 184). The old Kinsman house, which had weathered a century, was removed by Mr. Marshall to a new site east of its original location, and the large new buildings were erected on the old spot.” Mr. Marshall bought a half acre piece of Joseph Huckins, April 6, 1869 (874: 185).

The Ipswich Assessors site gives an approximate date of construction as 1895, but the house was constructed soon after the Marshalls gained possession of the old Kinsman estate. The property is an example of a large New England connected farmstead. In the outskirts of rural communities throughout New England, connecting buildings facilitated small-scale mixed agricultural and home-industry applications.



Land to the east of 74 Essex Rd. was granted to Edward Bragg in 1658. John Burnham Brown owned the entire Bragg property after acquiring a parcel from his sister Mary, Dec. 6, 1823 (251: 127). Mr. Brown gave or sold 15 acres to his son, John A. Brown and sold the remaining 100 acres and buildings to Ira B. Carlisle and Joseph Huckins, Aug. 2, 1860. By mutual quitclaim, they divided the farm, Mr. Huckins taking the eastern, Mr. Carlisle, the western half, Oct. 16, 1861 (634: 51). Joseph Marshall bought another half acre piece of Joseph Huckins, April 6, 1869 (874: 185). A century-old house was removed by Mr. Marshall to a new site, east of its original location, and the house at 104 Essex Rd. and his large new barns were erected on the old spot. The 1884 Ipswich map shows the house occupied by Mrs. Huckins at the present 94 Essex Road, the William G. Horton house (c 1900).

  • Conveyance of right-of-way by Joseph Marshall to Joseph Huckins. Salem Deeds 770/106.
  • Conveyance by Ida and John Proctor to Joseph A. Huckins, 53 acres on the Essex Road, Nov. 5, 1887. Land of Joseph Marshall North, northeasterly by Thomas Brown, Northwesterly by John Carlisle, ” being the premises conveyed by my father Joseph Huckins Sr. by Ira Carlisle, Oct. 1861. Salem Deeds 1209/297.