Burke Heel Factory, Ipswich MA

The Burke Heel Factory and Canney Lumber Fire, June 19, 1933

S. F. Canney lumber company Ipswich

The Burke & Son heel factory at Brown Square burned on June 19, 1933. In the adjoining lot was the Canney Lumber Co., where most of the building and the lumber was destroyed. Shown below are photos of the aftermath of the fire, shared by Bill Varrell in Ipswich: Images of America.

Burke Heel Factory
In this early 20th Century photo of a parade passing through Brown Square, the Burke Heel Shoe Factory is in the background, right, with Canney Lumber in front of it. The grain mill is still in use as lumber storage at Tedford’s Lumber.
The Burke Heel Factory is in the distance on Brown Square, seen from a Market Street rooftop. In the foreground is the old Brown Coal Gas facility. In the background on Washington Street is the Dustbane Manufacturing Company. The former grain elevator at Tedfords is in front of it.
Burke Heel Factory fire

The building on the right survived and is now the Ipswich Ale Brewery

Buildings nearby in Brown Square were scorched by the fire, but are still standing.
Canney Lumber
Canney Lumber advertisement in the 1914 Naumkeag Directory
The Canney Lumber company next to Burke Heel Factory was completely destroyed. The Canney Lumber Company originally was located at the County Street bridge and manufactured wooden boxes. They operated a sawmill at the Brown Square location. You can see the old grain elevator now standing at Tedford’s, which bought the property after the fire. The grain elevator had originally been on the river close to the wharf, but was moved to this location.
Canney Lumber Fire
A view from Washington Street, across the tracks, from the Canney Lumber Company and the Burke Heel Factory after the fire in 1933.

2 thoughts on “The Burke Heel Factory and Canney Lumber Fire, June 19, 1933”

  1. that was a big fire.It did not say if any one passed away, so i am assuming every one surviving the fire..

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