Liberty Street

In the late 19th Century Washington Street was extended to Linebrook Road, and Liberty Street became its own street. Shown above is a section of the 1893 Birdseye map.

  • Information is from MACRIS, the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System. Photos are from the Ipswich Patriot Properties database.
3 Liberty Street, circa 1900. Ipswich MA
3 Liberty Street, circa 1900.
6  Liberty St., Ipswich MA
6 Liberty St.
7 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
7 Liberty St.
9 Liberty Street, circa 1900, Ipswich MA
9 Liberty Street, circa 1900
10 Liberty Street, circa 1910, Ipswich MA
10 Liberty Street, circa 1910
11 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
11 Liberty St.

Levi Howe house11 Liberty Street, 1857-65. This house does not appear on the 1854 map of Ipswich, but by the time of the 1872 map, the house was in place and Levi L. Howe, a farmer, was in residence. The Howe family owned the house until 1953. The Howe House is perhaps the finest example of the Gothic Revival Cottage style in Ipswich, fairly conservative in its expression of the style.

12 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
12 Liberty St.

Charles Brown house, 12 Liberty St. was built between 1884 and 1902. The earliest Identified owner is Charles E. Brown, proprietor who owned the house by 1910. Brown and his son .Walter 6. Brown, operated a brick manufactory and contracting company (Charles E. Brown & Son) that was located on Locust Road at the turn of the century and later on Mitchells Road. In 1916 there were several people living here, including William and Laura Wright, Mrs. Rebecca Leeman, and Joseph and Clara Jenest. William Wright is listed is town directories as a driver and Joseph Jenest as a mill operative. By 1924 this house was occupied by Carleton H. Crafts and his wife Ethel. Crafts was in the insurance business.

13 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
13 Liberty St.
14 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
14 Liberty St.

George Brown house, 14 Liberty Street. This Queen Anne house was built between 1897 and 1900 for George B. Brown. Brown operated a large hay & grain business at Brown Square. Read more

15 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
15 Liberty St.

Davis-Russell house, 15 Liberty Street, circa 1870. The earliest identified owner is C.W. Davis who owned the house by 1872. By 1884 the house had been sold to John W. Russell, a freight agent. Russell continued to own the house into the 1920s. By 1932 the house was occupied by Odilon G. Chouinard, a carpenter and Nelson J. Chouinard who operated an express and trucking service on this property called “Anthony’s Express.”

John Brown house, 16 Liberty St. Ipswich MA
John Brown house, 16 Liberty St.
17 Liberty St., Ipswich MA
17 Liberty St.
18 Liberty St.
18 Liberty St.

William Nutt house, 18 Liberty Street, Built by John Brown in 1885. The houses at #16 and # 18 Liberty Street were built between 1884 and 1887 by John A. Brown, a brick manufacturer and lumber dealer, probably in association with C.E. Brown & Son. Charles E. Brown undertook some speculative development on Brown Street and it appears that John Brown did the same here on Liberty Street.

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